About Me

My Story

I'm a yoga teacher, wellness advisor, and community leader whose work focuses on centering connection as an essential ingredient for healing and social transformation. In our current culture, we are experiencing a crisis of disconnection, in which anxiety, depression, substance use, and suicide are on the rise. My mission is to cultivate communities, services, and experiences that reconnect people with their authentic selves and the nourishing communities that they crave - so that we can begin to expand into our fullness, rather than contract out of fear.

As a recovering perfectionist and people pleaser, I used to think that I needed to be perfect in order to share my voice and my gifts. Now I understand that we are all enough, and we are all on our own unique journey. Each of us has the ability to support one another on our path. Hiding our gifts is not a sign of humility - it reflects a disconnection from our true essence. What I discovered through my work is that, like me, many of my clients were greatly concerned with the thoughts and judgements of others. Our ability to access our infinite potential to dependent upon our willingness to resist fear and disconnection and cultivate authentic expression and connection.

I believe that when we intentionally invest in creating healthy relationships with ourselves and others, we are shifting the energetic conditions in our communities and the wider world. I'm passionate about creating more opportunities for yoga, deep relationships, spiritual practice, creative expression and self-care. I'm grateful for the opportunity to share the practices that I love and am inspired by any occasion to deeply connect with others.

My Journey

I received my Jivan Yoga Teacher Certification through Baltimore Yoga Village. My first introduction to yoga was in elementary school and I've been expanding my personal practice ever since. I love many styles of yoga, but prefer to teach Yin Yoga, a slower, more meditative style of practice that targets the deep connective tissues of the body. 

I'm a graduate of Johns Hopkins University's Bunting Neighborhood Leadership Program. A fellowship which provides young leaders with the training, mentorship and tools to promote community health and wellbeing in Baltimore. I am currently a Policy Fellow with the White-Riley-Peterson Policy Fellowship through Furman University, where I am learning about effective advocacy strategies to increase investment in afterschool and expanded learning opportunities.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degrees in Communications and Social Advocacy from American University. But I credit most of my intellectual growth and development to friends and family members who have shared their experiences with me. I currently teach yoga and cultivate healing connections with leaders in the Greater Baltimore area. 

Fun Facts 

Astrology: Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon, Taurus Rising

Human Design: Projector with Emotional Authority

Myers-Briggs: ENFJ

Favorite Musical Artists of the Moment: Ari Lennox, Lizzo, Lion Babe

Favorite Self-Care Practices: Solo Dance Parties, Self-Massage, Journaling