• Do you ever feel guilty for wanting to be abundant?
  • Do you want to share your soul’s gifts with the world but are afraid of expressing your truth and being seen?
  • Are you craving greater confidence and conviction so that you feel empowered to take action?

5 Day Challenge Itinerar​y

You won't want to miss this transformational content!




Understanding Your Unique Abundance Blueprint




Your Customized Approach to Alignment & Magnetism




Purposeful Pleasure to Expand What's Possible 




Cultivating Nourishing Environments to Grow 




Embodying Your Magic & Taking Aligned Action


Soulful Abundance Playlist

I’ve created a Spotify playlist to go with our 5 Day Challenge! I hope these songs inspire you as we join together to honor our unique energy, celebrate our gifts and create a NEW definition of abundance.

There are many ways to incorporate this playlist into your routine during the challenge! The choice is yours, play it:

  • During your morning routine
  • While you cook
  • During your workday to get you excited for our live sessions
  • While you complete your at home practices for the challenge


Welcome! I'm So Excited That You're Here!

Together, we are cultivating a new dimension of abundance. One that is driven by the SOUL. Abundance isn't just about money. It's about having more than enough of what's most important to you! Are you desiring to live a life of fulfillment, expansion and abundance? If so, this training was designed for you! This 5 Day challenge will serve as an introduction to the system of Human Design and will provide actionable tools and practices to support you with understanding your soul's unique gifts and cultivating greater abundance in a grounded and sustainable way.

The 5 Day Soulful Abundance Challenge Will Support You With:

  • Learning the foundational elements of your Human Design chart

  • Discovering how to activate your abundance mindset

  • Gaining clarity around your gifts and strengths

  • Breaking through resistance that's been keeping you stuck for far too long

  • Developing an inspiring action plan for creating and sharing more abundance in 2021

When we are able to be of service in the ways that align with our soul's purpose, it is medicine for the world. When we are operating in harmony with who we are, we are able to tap into greater opportunities, resources and experiences because we are working in harmony with our natural energy instead of working against ourselves. As a changemaker and healer, I know you feel the call to be of service to humanity and to usher in a new paradigm where all people can thrive. This challenge is designed to support you with prioritizing your purpose, gifts and energy, so that you can experience greater abundance to serve yourself and the planet. The journey towards our collective liberation is going to require consistent action, effort and courage. For our work to be sustainable, it is essential that we also prioritize joy, celebration, love and restoration. Because we are most powerful when we are energized, connected and fortified! 


"When we are able to be of service in the ways that align with our soul's purpose, it is medicine for the world. When we are operating in harmony with our design, we have more energy to share, because we are fueled and supported by the Universe."

Elyse Preston


About the Facebook Community

The Facebook Community is designed to be a space for Visionary Changemakers to connect, heal and grow together. In this group, we talk all things spirituality,  wellness, social justice and leadership. 

We use Human Design, yoga and mindfulness as tools to encourage mind-body-soul-community connection and share how to create greater social impact through nurturing and tending to ourselves, our community and our soul's purpose.