Be More Connected provided my first experience with restorative yoga, and the experience produced drastic changes, immediately. I came into the session with anxiety and a lot of concerns swirling around my head, weighing me down. I left the session with clarity, feeling lighter and at peace with self. Elyse's guidance is comforting and the energy of the studio space is welcoming and relaxing. I can't wait to return!

-Tim Goldsby, Jr.  Baltimore, MD

Elyse exudes a beautiful energy of joyful wisdom, clarity, and grace through her Human Design readings. I received so much more insight on this comprehensive and intricate subject, and of course, the beauty and complexity of my own Human Design. Elyse's introduction to the system and my graph was easy to follow and impeccably on point, creating a magical and inspiring language of my vibrational blueprint. I feel lucky to have found Elyse to receive my first Human Design reading! I highly recommend her to help you unravel your inner genius through this incredibly accurate and powerful system.

-Diana C. Paez  Los Angeles, CA

I loved my Human Design session. Elyse was so knowledgeable- I learned so much and made so many connections during the session. But the best part was Elyse’s energy. So grounded and wise and open. She creates such a wonderful container to explore vulnerable topics.

- Kara Maureen  Bethesda, Maryland

The session was life-journey affirming. It articulated feelings and thoughts I could not get into words and also provide relief around aspects of my journey I was unsure of for a while. Elyse was very knowledgeable and thorough. I’m excited to walk to through life with a little more certainty that I have all that I need within me to manage the journey ahead.

-Ebony Nicholson   Baltimore, MD

The Restorative yoga session was great for mind and body release. Elyse’s voice is so soothing and made relaxation exceptionally easy. I’ve never used blankets with yoga before, so that was an unexpected, yet nice change.

-Chelsea Rebholz   Baltimore, MD

I had a wonderful experience with Be More Connected’s Restorative Yoga class. I felt so welcomed and comfortable at the studio and Elyse did an amazing job of explaining poses and being accommodating to all of her students. It was a kind and warm environment and I cannot wait for the next class!

-Alexandra Friedman  Baltimore, MD

After doing my Human Design chart this past summer and diving into bits and pieces of it here and there, I’d been feeling called to go deeper and connecting with Elyse felt meant to be. It was so helpful to sit with Elyse, a true and dedicated student of Human a Design, and learn more about the concept of HD itself and especially my own chart! (There’s so much in there!) I’m finding this experience both eye-opening and reaffirming. It’s bringing me a deeper sense of peace about who I am, why I am the way I am, and what I’m here to do. Elyse was kind, welcoming, warm, and patient with my many questions! Although we’d never met in person before, she felt like an old friend, the kind you always feel better after spending time with! Super good energy. I feel like I’m just scratching the surface and Elyse is helping me to navigate and make sense of it all. Already booked another session! Thank you, Elyse!

-Katie Hussong  Baltimore, MD

Elyse was so kind and caring. Also very skilled in what she was saying. This session was very clearing and I'm excited to learn more!

-Aluna Lua  Los Angeles, CA

Elyse is an amazing Human Design consultant. Her wisdom and guidance during my reading unveiled a deeper understanding of myself and the vision for my life. She truly knows her craft. I came away with deeper self-acceptance.

Xeres Villanueva  Los Angeles, CA